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About the Lagotto

Lagotto  Romagnolo

The Lagotto is a medium sized dog

 place of origin  Italy


This beautiful natured dog was once used for hunting waterfowl,

with a superior sense of smell the lagotto was used more exclusively

as a Truffle hunter and is also used today as a drug finder in the customs departments.


The Lagotto has a sweet nature as well as a sociable and obedient disposition,

with great adaptability the Lagotto is  happy to live with all members of the family

 making them excellent with children and other pets.


The Lagotto has a non-shed coat with a wool texture making them great

for people who suffer allergies from dog hair or asthma.


Their coat is considered to be  'low maintenance'

requiring at least two full clips a year with scissoring and combing 

in between to avoid felting.


The Lagotto coat comes in a variety of colours

which include white, white with orange or brown markings,

spotted brown, solid brown, solid orange and brown roan.


Their quickness to learn sees them excel at all form of obedience

training including agility and fly-ball.


The Lagotto is truly a wonderful dog to own

with an abundence of love to give.  



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